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Colocasia esculante

Anyone wanting to try a cheap large aroid should take a look at their Wal-Mart garden center. I got two enormous bulbs for $5 ea today when I was looking for some large planters. The box I got the bulbs from said 3-4 foot leaves, so it's an out door one!
Which walmart did you go to Josh?
It was at the one off HWY 494 and Portland Ave. in Richfield (Minnesota). I just happened to see the box out of the corner of my eye (says Elephant Ears in big letters with a photo) they are located outside in the nursery section but not with the other spring bulbs just on a bench with some pansies or something. The tubers are just in a box with a pricetag and planting instructions STAPLED to the tuber!  

Hopefully they're hardy enough to withstand those staples!

If you go to get some make sure to feel them all around. There's a few with squishy spots in the box but the box is rather full so there ought to be plenty good ones in there. They are nice sized tubers too, one I got is about softball size and the other is about twice that size only oblong like a potato. Each weighs several pounds.
Wow those sound like some really big tubers. I think Im gonna have to head into Walmart today thanx for the heads up on the mushyness, the last thing i want is a squishy tuber.
And thankyou for the local tip.
Josh I have a few Amorphophallus bulbs ready to ship this week so I'll get them off to you (and goldtrap).

Incidentally, how big a garden to you have?

If you want C. esculenta even cheaper, just stop on by your local asian supermarket.  That's where I got mine. 50 cents for a large tuber, I bought 2  

Troy, how big are the tubers you're sending?  I'm assuming they are the A. paeoniifolius?
Garden? What garden? Heh, Patio and front landscaping of the condominium complex is where I hide pots of plants here and there and it makes it look more interesting outside here.

I live on a second story condo but from the time the outdoors is 50 + at night I keep plants outside. I try to only buy the "tropical" types that can survive my house (i.e. Alocasia, etc ) with thick heavy leaves and low light tolerance. They just barely grow in winter but do get big over the summer and flower as the temps get cold in fall. I just can't do Neps outside cos we don't have the humidity even though we have a large lake nearby and seems plenty steamy to me from June til late Sept. I finally got rid of the squeaky old porch swing on the patio today when I bought home a 5 foot tall Phaius "Nun Orchid" so now I have a ton of new space!

Talk about an angry girlfriend!