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Cold weather ultrics

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I live in NE Ohio and have no Utrics and was wondering if there are any forms that can be kept outside all year long.
I can't seem to find any.
There are quite a few aquatic Utrics which survive cold winters by forming a winter-resting bud, or turion, that could be grown outside in Ohio. U. vulgaris or U. australismight be good ones to try, or some of the native US aquatics. There are not many frost-hardy terrestrial Utrics, if you can find it, you could try the alpine form of U. dichotoma, also known as U. monanthos, outside. I'm trying it outside in the UK this winter for the first time, our winters tend to be a bit milder than yours though!

Hello Dargath78,

I live in near Seattle, WA, and I grow U. sandersonii and subulata year around outside. I know my winters are milder but if this is any encouragement; last winter it got down to 18 F a few times, and several instances the low temps were in the 20's F. This might be nothing compared to where you live but you might want to give it a try with these species?? Anyway, best of luck to you.

These are Native to Michigan and should work for Ohio.

U. macrorhiza
U. cornuta
U. minor
U. intermedia
U. gemniscapa
U. gibba
U. resupinata
U. purpurea
U. radiata

Most of these are aquatic and need lots of room.

I hope this list helps.

I am in Northern NY (minimum temps. -20 below zero) U. intermedia and U. macrorhiza survive. I lost U. radiata, purpurea and gibba over last winter.
Hey guys, I have U sandersonii typical and blue, and U. livida.. do you think those will handle winter here in San Jose? Here is our average temps: http://www.weather.com/weather/climatology/monthly/95111
That chart may be a little deceptive, we always have at least a few nights a year that drop into the 20's or teens.

hhhm , i never knew that u. dichotma and u. monathos were the same species , no wonder they looks so alike . you forgot u. subualata , the utrics that grows like a weed anywhere .
oops! Add U. subulata to the list of Michigan Utrics.