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Cold stratification

Some herb seeds I have need cold stratification before they can be sown. So does this mean I can just toss them in the fridge in their individual packets for a month, or is there special instructions like water, etc?
Cold stratification is a period of cold moist storage. Yes it is important that the seed are moist during this time. Most temperate perennial plants need cold stratification. It is a way for the seed to know that winter is over and it is now safe to germinate.

Usually 6 weeks is a good ballpark time frame for stratification duration. You can sow the seed as you normally would and moisten them lightly and toss them in the fridge in a sealed container. Or you can wrap them in moist papertowel or something and put in a ziplock. It is usually a good idea to treat them with a general purpose fungicide also before you stratify them. After the 6 weeks just plant the seed or place the pots where they can germinate.