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Cobra Lily's at Target

Saw well over a dozen Cobra Lily's at the local Target today (at least that's what they were called, looked like normal pitcher plants to me and not a Cobra at all) Anyway's, what are everyone's thoughts about purchasing such a plant from Target? I know that Walmart has mounds of VFT's which are great for people who don't know or who are interested in starting (that's what I did), but what about these? Just curious, plus for $14, I may get one just for the novelty of it.
From the pictures I've seen, they are large, healthy, and very attractive plants that are almost always labeled wrong. I think if they're in good shape at the store you see them at that it's priced about right.

The plants at Target here in Florida being sold as Cobra Lily are not Darlingtonia but Sarracenia 'Scarlett Belle', a cultivar of S. wrigleyana.


The ones at my Target look to be S 'Judith Hindle'. Still wouldn't pay 15 bucks for a common Sarr though. They looked nice and healthy with good coloration, but were inside, so I don't know how long they will stay that way.

Hi Snowy,
the 'Judith Hindles' have gotten down here already! The first "wave" was definitely Scarlett Belle, and I knew there were some nice looking 'J.H' around, but mostly on the west coast.
Thanks for the update! Calling 'J.H' a cobra lily is even more stupid. At least 'S.B' looks kinda like a snake.

Well thanks for all the info and corrections. I didn't think they were Cobra's, and apparently I was correct. Goldtrap, those pics from that other topic were exactly what I saw. Again, thanks for the info and help deciding all. I think I'll stay away from them for the time being. Maybe delve into that world another time.
I have one of the S. x 'Wrigleyana' 'Scarlet Belle's' I like the plant very much, it is a beautiful plant. The one I bought was $4.99, I think it was mislabeled. So I bought it, I guess I just got lucky. I thought that was pretty cheap.

I repotted it though into a drainig pot with a different medium. A 50/50 mix of - (schultz's canadian peat moss, and perilite) This is what I use for most all my plants except some Nepenthes.

Good day

i saw a psit there labeled as a cobra lily
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Psits getting labelled as cobras is almost excusable, but judith hindles is preposterous. It just shows a lack of responsibility on the part of the distributing nursery in that they're deseminating mis information. Plus, I bought a Judith hindle right here at PFT for almost half that price.

Didn't have the cool glass pot, but that's not good anyway because it's undrained. I guess you could drill holes in a glass vase or something....
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i think the people knew they were not actually cobra lilies but they wanted a trendy name for good selling and good buisness because what most nurseries want is $ $ . also , how do you know the s. wrigleyana is the cultivar scarlet belles ? if they were then would'nt the pitchers be more up right . i brought a judith hindle from here in pft too , cheaper and better
. the medium misataken for lfs in the vase is actually green or sheet moss if you look very carefully and they put pebbles at the bottom of the small vase so that the growers can be more careful at watering although i still see waterlogged plant in stores . anybpdy see these plants other then target ?
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'Scarlet Belle' is a superior cultivar that stands out immediately when compared to the typical form of wrigleyana. Someone posted a picture of one of the Target plants, making ID fairly easy. Also, 'Scarlet Belle' is in mass production tissue culture.