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Cobra Lily

I recently got one and I was wondering what is the general care for this plant? Do I need to know about this plant? (Yes, I know that it needs cool running through its roots in order to survive.)

Here is what I do for mine.

The soil needs to be open and well drained. I use equal parts LF sphag, perlite and lava rock and I top dress with live sphag.

I keep mine on the tray system and 2-5 times a day I use a turkey baster to suck the water out of the tray and run it through the pot.

I keep mine in full sun with no problems but I have it in a large, white ceramic pot which I feel helps keep the media cool.

I have heard that you can put ice cubes in the pot every night to help cool the roots but I have never tried this.

Hope this at least give you a good starting point

im using the tray method as well

although im not doing the turkey baster thing so much (maybe 1 time a day).

i havent been doing the ice cube thing either since the room i keep it in gets cool at night. but if i move it outside for summer i will use distilled ice to cool it.

i mist the plant often and it seems to be happy cuz its sprouting like mad.

i have a question for you guys...

what kind of humidity does the darlingtonia require? i imagine that it is not as sensitive to lower humidty as some sundews and neps. can i keep it outside during summer (i live in MD)?

Mine has been outside here in Atlanta since I moved here in October and it doesn't seem to be having any problems as far as humidity goes so I would say you are safe

Ya, but in Atlanta you have like 100% humidity anyways don't you? I mean it was like that when I went, it sucked! I hate humidity, I only put up with it in my appartment for my plants sake, they appreciate it. I've read that Cobra lillies don't need very high humidity, they range from really dry mountain gullies to marshes, so I think about anything will work for them. As long as there is humidity going on or like misting it will cope, higher the better though since it does mostly depend on condensation for it's production of water on the inside and if it's dry it isn't going to be eating anything.
I know this topic is ancient, but i'm gonna reply with a question because I just got a Darlingtonia thanks to pyro... :wink:

How do the pitchers develope? I mean, from the time they are not there to the time they die. I know with purpurea it starts as a thin tight, closed leaf, with a hollow middle. Thn it gest bigger, and inflates, eventually it turns brown and dies.

How do Cobra LIlies emerge from the soil? Thats wut I want to know... any picutres???

Thanks a hwole lot!