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Cobra lilly

Can you guys tell me how you grow your Cobra lillys. I just bought mine at Lowes it was really cheap it was like 3 bucks. So can you guys tell me everything I need to know abot this plant.
In my expierence Darlingtonia is very easy to grow provided it is giving good root space and the correct potting media and watering technique. I pot mine in a mix of peat and perlite and a thick layer of sphagnum moss...living or non is fine. Be sure to put alot fo perlite or pumice into the soil as it likes the rocky ingredients. Place in full sun with a tray and water 2 times a day if it is very hot out (excess of 85F) and use cold water..preferably refridgerated water...it is also wise to place ice cubes on the soil surface they last quite a while and the coldness will last even longer in the soil throughout the day. Feeds itself with no problem so don't worry about feeding. And have fun the trick to this plant is giving it the correct soil and watering to what I ahve found....don't plant them in peat/sand....i tried it and I almost lost mine...too heavy for the roots...they were being suffocated.

Good luck! It's a great CP.
Thanx for the great information, you always provide with great information. As soon as I brought it home i put it into m Highland tank. I put ice cubes around the pot and watered it with cold water. I will repot it tonight and use the soil mixe you told me one question though. Spagumn long fibers on top or in the soil all mixied up? Thnx --Phil
Hi Phil, I will layer the sphag about 4 inches or more deep on top of the peat/perlite mix so don't put all peat/perlite in, leave room for the spahgnum layer to top off the pot. Yes, I like to mix some more moss throughout the peat/perlite mix also, it's not needed but I prefer it to keep the mix well aerated.