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Christmas Cephalotus Giveaway


Dec 6, 2008
Southern Tongass Rainforest, Alaska
Hello folks and Merry Christmas!

In the spirit of the season I would like to offer one rooted, growing "typical" Cephalotus division for giveaway.

The only stipulation for this is that I ask that you only participate in this giveaway if you do not already own a Cephalotus. So please, if you are already growing a Cephalotus, this giveaway is for those who do not currently own one and wish to do so.

The winner of this plant will be the first one who can accurately guess what my favorite cooking spice is. I will give you a hint that it is a singular ingredient, it is not processed or a brand name item. It is simply a type of plant. If nobody is getting anywhere I will give more hints later on.

Good luck and happy holidays.