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chlorophytum comosum

Common names: spider plant, airplane plant.

I have never grown spider plants from seeds, nor do I know how. Perhaps someone else has??

If, Raw, you have not yet obtained the seeds from wherever, I suggest you stick with buying an established plant as opposed to seeds. If you already have the seeds, I can't help you much. Sorry.

Care info can be found here.

ya i have a prety huge mother plant that sent out shoots a while ago first time really, i just want seeds because of what i know on,
asexual and
sexual reproduction
thx DE
Hmmm.... I know this from experience, draw your own conclusions as I do not know what it means:

I took one baby plant, hung it in water, three medium thick roots developed

I took another baby plant and at the same time planted it in a regular medium, but with pure perlite in the whoel i was sticking it in. This plant developed FAT bulbous roots... The whole root was not inflated looking, but had i left it in there longer it would have been. It got FAAAAAT from the top moving toward the bottom of the roots... Only two roots were produced.

I started them both at the same time...