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apple rings.. what more can i say?
I found out in The Savage Garden yesterday that... cheese... and... chocolate...... are acceptable foods for sundews!
Mannnn... talk about being against my better judgement! LOL
Anyhowees... I trusted the info and gave the biggest leaf on my ''dewiest'' adelae a little 1/8 of an inch long sliver of soft cheese! Sliced colby, I think... anyhowees, after less than an hour, all the bristels close enough to the cheese chunk were reaching for it and all over it! LOL... it made me think of the adelae leaf, on it's back, with it's little hands grasping the cheese, saying ''Mine!'' ROTFLMAOWTDLAMF!!! I know, I know... I'm sooooo weird...

LOL so anyway.. anyone else ever tried this? What was the end result(s), if any?

A curious FTG
You can also use hard boiled egg white. I have used this several times and the plant loved it. Sometimes though a tiny piece will not get digested and it will dry into a hard white dot that's impossible to remove. It doesn't seem to harm the plant so i don't worry about it. Good luck!!

Hmmmmmm... it apparently like it. It was drooling over it last night. This morning, I came out to tend the CPs and noticed that it was still drooling over it, and the cheese sliver seems to be half the size it was yesterday
My bit of cheese just kind of melted into a gooey mess. Hope it doesn't harm my sundew.
WHOA! This thing digests FAST! The cheese has DISAPPEARED INTO OBLIVION! Hmmmmm... imagine what it would do to the chocolate...
Actually, FTG, you're right.

I looked at my sundew this morning (put the cheese there yesterday evening), and I can't see any cheese anymore.

This may be quite a good idea
Well, I'm a bit reluctant to share my cheese but will test it out sometime. I wonder if the american ones like american cheese and the european ones like brie! Anyway, this sounds like a good science project for someone. See if the plants like higher or lower fat cheeses or chocolates. Maybe see if they like certain brands better than others
im going to try this as soon as i get another sprout of capensis
I was really wondering, what happend to you're dews after the cheese afair?
? I guess you shoud've seen some changes by now??? PLEASE tell me, 'cause I'm feeding cheese to. I don't really like cheese, so they can have all they want if they grow better

Greetings & happy growing,

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Well, it's probably better than human flesh! Geez, Barry!
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WF, They're doing well on it! It's giving them more energy, and they're growing fast!
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I fed my baby adelae a tiny piece of cheese about 2 weeks ago and boy am I sorry I did... I dont know if the cheese hunk was too big or what, when it dissolved it ran down to the center of the plant and now its really causing problems. The leaf I fed the cheese to is dead.. and all new growth has slowed to a crawl. IF by some miricle my plant survives this I believe I will just stick to letting it catch its own food...

sadder and wiser
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</span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (Tamlin Dawnstar @ Aug. 23 2003,5:03)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">Well, it's probably better than human flesh!  Geez, Barry![/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
Well, thanx to barry, we all know a vft can digest (well, sort off..) human flesh now.....

And Ftg, Sorry to remind you again....

Anyway, I fed it to my capensis, and I've got plenty of them, so it won't be a really big problem if it would die..... I would be sad though.... But for now, it seems to like it. Guess i'll have to wait a little while...

Greetings & happy growing,

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Hm...Hope they like cheese with milk, cause I'm using Kraft American Slice Cheese =D. Hopefully this cheese will be the right kind. I have some blue cheese, but blue cheese is too strong for me, might be too strong for the little guys =D.
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eew blue cheese yuck patoie! (its blue is mold&#33
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AWWW MANN!!! I'm reminded of the human flesh being eaten by VFTs again!!! EVERY TIME I'M ABOUT TO EAT DINNER!!! HOW DOES THIS WORK?!!!!!! It's like you people are phsychic or something!!!

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LoL, you never know Ftg, You never know....

Anyway, my capensis seems to be taking is time at digesting the cheese... I hope it will be alright!

Greetings & happy growing,

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Just a thought, but isn't it almost the same thing as feeding neps a little bit of milk? I'd think that giving them cheese would kind of be the same as powdered milk. Just a thought though.
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Hmm, I guess you could be right, Vertigo, It does sound logical to me!

Greetings & happy growing,

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I am feeding my plants milk since some time now. All my Drosera like it!