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can you use miricle grow charchel on nepenthes? I need to know in like an hour cause I'm repotting it in an hour. thanks!
No, there is miricle grow in the mix. read the bag to make sure. i was in the store a couple of days ago and with out looking grabed the bag of it then noticed before paying what was in it and went back and grabed the right back.
if it doesn't say nothing is adding to it in small print go for it
I've potted and re-potted my neps! they are looking great! Thanks for the help. I think I'll re-pot my rajah! I'll give you the results.
Spec, go right ahead. the one i have is still sitting in the same cell pack it came in. don't see any reason to repot it yet.
I've now re-potted my rajah! And my unknown Nepenthes! But on one of the pitchers on one of my unknown Nepenthes, when I turned it upside down to take it out of the pot, all of the fluids came out! Well, almost all. Should I fill it up with distilled water up to the halfway line? Thanks,
spec, yes fill it back up with distilled water 1/4 of the way should be good enought
Thanks for the help! I'll do that. On the second unknown Nepenthes, all of the water in both pitchers fell out!
and on both unknown Neps., I see a deformed pitcher!
I think cause I let them dry out too long.
I'll post pics of the results later!
Spec. 73
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Spec, with the deformed pitcher it really doesn't mean that you let it dry put to much. i get one retard every now and then and i never let the mix dry out. it just happens its when you get a bunch of them at once is when you have something to worry about