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hey guys,
Ive been growing cehps for a while but never have had this problem. I think I took a bit to many cuttings yesterday.
It is now very droopy and soft. The leaves are browning and turning yellow. Anyone have any suggestions?

Hi Mike:

We need more info about your plant and cuttings:

First of all: what is turning brown: the cuttings or the mother plant??.

What temperature you keep your ceph in?
How much moisture do you give to your cephs?
Do you see anything fuzzy growing around the plant?

Perhaps got damaged while removing leaves for propagation or a pathogen entered through the wound?

Its the plant thats not doing well. It has been growing great for years. I think I just took too many cuttings. It is my only plant. Im almost possitive its going to die. the whole plants is now green mush.

I sure hope the people I gave the cuttings to will root because my plants toast.

I guess it was a good cause though. I killed it by trying to spread it too much.

Maybe you can salvage some roots and get a cutting or two
Yes, soak the plant in a biocide and keep it in a cool place with some light and high humidity ( no greater that 70 F for a week or 2). Did you disturb the roots at all?. I hope not. If that does not help, nothing will.

Dont throw it away! I gave my plant too much fertilizer, and it all died, but came back from the roots.

Hang in there, they are suprisingly tough at coming back from the roots.