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I like them. I suppose i have to think of a question though.... Ok. Is it possible to make them look neat. I mean, insead of being an unorganized clump of pitcher and non pitcher, can you have them be a nice little rossette, that looks tidy?

That was my excuse for a question... Now, lets talk about this plant, kuz i really like it, and i want seeds for one. I'll pay lots, but check my post in the trading post, for more info on that.

Now converse about the Albany Pitcher Plant!!!
Cephalotus, small, fairly slow growing pitcher plant, beautifull color under good light, similar growing conditions to VFTs but without the dormancy requirments. Requires deep pots to accomidate the tap root. Has an internal collar that creates a "lobster pot" trap like Darlingtonia, a lid over the trap like Sarracenia and teeth around the edge of the trap like Nepenthes, a one plant highlight film for pitcher plants. Yes, I like them too but no, you cannot make them grow in a tidy fashion, they do what they want to do and look darned good doing it. Cephs are cool and they know it.
Great looking plants and I think they all hate me. If I fail with the one I have now I am swearing them off FOREVER. If you knew all the terrible things that had happened to me involving these guys you would understand. I am quite depressed now so I have to go and sulk

Pyro, I've made mistakes with cephs too. Last year I got a nice 3 inch cephalotus that was looking beautiful and had about 20 growing points. So I decided to divided. I got six plants out it and three died. The largest one I left outside and it froze. THe others I had just run out of perlite when potting them so the soil was bad and they died.

Parasuco, you'd best try getting hold of a plant right away instead of seeds. Even you manage to germinate the seed within the 4 week shelf life, they take forever get to any decent size. But if you can get anything-cool!
I don't quite know if "mistake" is the word for what happened to mine.

The first one was eaten, plant, pot and all, by a 150 pound black lab.

The second was doing well until someone (who shall remain nameless) took it upon themselves to topwater it daily for me.

The third was sent to me by a very kind soul who offered it as a gift. When I recieved the package from my mailbox there was a TIRE (!!!!) print on it and a hand scrawled note: 'oops.' I guess they missed the 3 stamps saying 'FRAGILE'

The last one is still alive and well and I hope that it stays that way. If not, I will just have to conclude that the God of CPs has deemed that this plant is not for me.

OOOOOOH, I waaaant oneee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ppl say that a green thumb doesnt count with CPs, so i guess i've got a carnivorous thumb... Well, wutever type of protuberance i've got on my hand, i CAN grow CPs well... I dont even try... FUNNY!

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well, i have being wanting one for the past year, and now i have bout 3 of them stting in a potted tank. I got one from california carnivores for 25 dollars (i got ripped) and i got one from geoff wong for 10. I grow them in a mix of sand/perlite/peat. I keep them watered from the top, like a nep.
i might be getting one from best carnivorous plants... AND a dingley giant. Wee, i like i like!!!
Mine seems to be doing quite well. I got mine for &#3630 from the CP Jungle, and shortly after receiving it and potting it up, all but one of the leaves fell off. I was a bit worried, but it started growing again very much so, and now it's a whole bunch of non-carnivorous leaves, a pitcher, and a developing pitcher. It looks cool!
I especially love the way the occasional odd leaf seems like it can't quite decide if it wants to be a foliage leaf or a pitcher, lol. I was tempted to divide mine as it has two distinct growing points, but after reading rubra said I think I'll hold off on that for the time being. And Pyro, you poor thing! Those are such terrifically ghastly horror stories, I don't know whether to laugh or cry! =/
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Thanks, I also have to thank gardenofeden for the ceph seeds. They've been sown, and i'm looking forward to see how they turn out!
Thank you!!!
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ceph seeds take pretty long to grow it adults..so be paitent! lol
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As long as they germinate, I'll be happy... Baby plants are cute...
I know. I sound like a girl. Tough.