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Cephalotus to go

I have a Cephalotus to trade for highland Nep species or unusual Sarracenias.  But I'm not interested in hybrids.  The Ceph is 3" across and growing in a 4" pot.  It's in excellent health with a lot of pitchers and is growing lots of leaves from two centers.  So you can divide it yourself and have two good sized plants.  I don't have a URL for posting a photo here, but I can email you you a JPG.

I have nepenthes ventricosa to trade, what type of sarracenia would you like? Maybe I could get it to trade to you.
I pmed before as soon as you posted. But I have some highlands for trade. And sarrs.
S. alata red top
S. alata dwarf, hirsute
S. alata Beauregard Parish, LA
S. flava dwarf
S. rubra wherryii
S. Flava Maxima
N. Madagascarnisis

Of it isn't to hard can you send a photo. Thanx
Hi all - Thanks for the offers posted here and PMed to me.  I'll try to get back to each of you in the next day or so.  I had a busy weekend and have some things to take care of tonight, but will try to mull over the offers before the end of tomorrow and make a decision.  People sure are growing some interesting plants.  Bruce