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I finally got a Ceph. I am trying to find out if it is ok to pot them in a peat moss, perlite mix. I am going out later to look for some sand. But will the potting mix be ok for the ceph?

Thanx for anyones help who answeres.

Yeah, that will work fine. Use 2 parts perlite to one part peat moss. You don't really need sand. The above mix should work fine. Congrats on your Ceph!

I potted mine in a mix of 1 1/2 parts pumice, 1 1/2 parts perlite, and 1 part peat. like caps said, congrats!
Non of the stoes I called sold pumice. Or sand.
So I went with a Peat:perlite:little of tree stubs.
Hi Phil,

I would go to a swimming pool store and buy filter sand (for pool filters). I was using play sand but it's crap. The pool sand is clean and almost pure silica.

Just my recomendation.

Wouldn't the sand for pool filters have activated charcol?
Filter sand is graded by size and purity. There are no additives (charcoal) it is almost pure silica. The specs for the sand are on the bag. The purity is tested with acid.

I don't own a pool but i believe the charcoal, if used, is added seperately from the sand.

Stay away from play sand! I have heard that sand blasting sand is good but have not found it or used it.

It's not much but thats all I know about sand.
Blasting sand and flint sand are quartz sand without the carbonates or other minerals that would boost the pH beyond what most CPs prefer. Swimming pool supply stores seem fairly abundant, so filter sand is probably the easiest to find. It's pricey, but that isn't such a concern when potting a few plants. But if you need a lot, say to construct a bog, it would probably be worth tracking down a blasting/flint sand supply.