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Ceph Watering

I have read many conflicting information in regards to watering cephs. So I put the question to the growing experts
you guys !!!. Do you water from the top or use the tray method?
I use the tray method, but for my Ceph I allow the water to completely evaporate from the tray before I refill it again.
I use a very shallow tray method, 1/8" deep or less occasionaly allowing it to dry most of the way out, I also mist my plants twice daily, wetting them thoroughly.
Yeah, I keep mine covered with plastic to keep the humidity high.
I grow them just like Sarracenia, but in a very deep pot. lots of water, full sun = good colour
i did a recent experi ment over 1 year about the watering of cephs. I have a small pair in a 4inch pot and i water it from the top, like a nep, about once every two days. My other ceph potted in a 4inch pot, was watered via trat method. i waited about 1 week after the water evaporated to water again. They are both in a potted terrarium, so i guess humidty kept them watered. my 2centz
So...what are the results of your experiment??
RESULT: all my plants are happy as clams, and producing new and larger leaves like that! I guess all that is that ceph's like lower water levels.