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Carnivores in florida



I'm completely new to cp's. My hubby has been on a business trip and just informed me that he is bringing some home: butterworts, purple pitchers, sundews, venus fly traps and cobra lilies. We live in S. Florida and I checked out all the care sheets. We have high humidity here which is fine. My only worry is that summer is here and the temperatures usually hover between 88 and 92 degrees. Any hints on caring for the plants in my climate?
If you live in S.Florida, many different cps should thrive in your area. All that you mentioned should grow fine in your area without special care, except cobra lilies(roots should be kept under 70F). S.Florida is very well suited to grow lowland nepenthes(tropical pitcher plants). The flytraps will need a dormancy during the winter(temperatures around 40-50F). This can be accomplished by putting the plants in the fridge for 2-3 months.
Yes, get Nepenthes too. Florida is a wonderful place to grow Nepenthes outside, provided that they get difused light. When you get the plants and the CP virus starts to infect you (I must buy more plants, please, please just 1 more... no 2, 15...)
, PM me and I can give you info about a nursury near Miami that has lots of Neps (that's short for Nepenthes) and nep hybrids. Plus lots of different sundews, and too many Sarracenia hybrids (American Pitcher Plant). When I visited I spent 3 hours just drooling over everything. Nothing matches the experience of going through a CP nursury and seeing all the plants in person.

Also, if you reduce the light that your VFTs get during the winter, and keep them a little bit dryer, you probably won't need to put them in the fridge. Mine have done fine so far after their first winter outside in Miami.

Regards, Hamata
you should be fine, one tip, always strive to provide a couple of conditions to perfection, but not every condition can be achieved. For you, it's temperature.

To off set your temps, use large glazed clay pots, this will provide a little insulation and keep the plants roots from heating up overly much.


Remember, Peat good, potting soil bad, fertilizer BAD!

Come back often, we love to help!
all the plants you mentioned should do ok here. everything went threw the winter spell ok here. don't know about south florida thu. winter might be a little warmer down that way. well if its cold enough for hamata at night i guess a lot of stuff will deal with the weather down that way.

ram the only problem with clay pots is after a while they build up chemicals inside of them and they become dangerous to cp's. if used i would change the potting mix once a year. so the toxic leaves don't get to high inside of them.

I said GLAZED clay pots, these are sealed and will not build up chemicals.