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Caribbean love leaf

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I just stared growing a Caribbean love leaf. Does anybody know anything about this plant? I can't find much about it on the web. I don't know it's latin name so I'm not even sure what to search for.
I don't know the scientific name for them but they grow like weeds once they get started.
so thats the plant I had all the time , they are very easy to grow but when a leaf falls you better be able to face the consequencesthat it will multiply . they are like succulents and i think they are kalachoe type . i got tons of them .
Thanks Goldtrap2690 and dyflam for the info.
I have had this love leaf for years and years and due to my neighbor knocking it over, I had to re-pot. It's not thriving which is unbelievable for this plant! Pls help..the little leaves are droopy and breaking off which makes me think it needs water but the bigger leaves are shriveling up. I'm trying to root the stalks that break off but with this plant it's the leaves... I don't want to lose her. Any ideas?