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Capensis "giant"?


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Hey folks,
I'm thinking of trying to track this variety of capensis down...if it truly is giant.

How big do these things get? I mean, they're not just calling it a giant because it's 10% bigger than a "typical" are they?
I forgot who but someone has a huge capensis and they posted a picture of if. It was about a year ago. It was so cool that I ended up getting a capensis but it is not the GIANT kind (which is a good thing
). From the looks of it they get pretty big.

LOL you are too funny Bobz!
Well, one man's Giant is another man's runt if you ask me!  I have tried all sorts of forms, and all respond to different techniques in different ways.   I have had smaller "typicals" grow into monster plants, and have had "giants" produce measley little plants.  Of all the forms I have tried, the so called X Rubra produces the largest plants in my collection.

Hi Tamlin,
X Rubra, eh? May have to try to track that one down to...I really have a love affair with D. Capensis. I want 'em ALL! Big ones, little ones, red ones, green ones...heck, one of my goals is to get a nice terrarium with one or two of each kind in it....I'm not even sure how many capensis varieties there are, but that's ok....the persuit of knowledge is part of the fun.

D. capensis is one of my favorite Drosera. Hang in there, the X rubra is putting up a scape even as we speak! I also have the "typical form", wide leaf, albino, thin leaf, and "giant" forms, and I will share seed when it is available.
I have seen some giant-sized D. capensis growing unchecked. They were at least 50% larger than the D. capensis that I'm growing. I'm not sure if they are the "variety" that is being grown, but I was amazed at the size.
I currently have seed of D. capensis f.Giant Alba germinating.. but the seedlings are still much too small to tell exactly how "Giant" they are
Does anyone have pictures of a "Giant" compared to "Standard"? Just curious..
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Travis Spec posted a pic of his huge capensis.
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LOL - Thanks! I knew they grew really BIG and that just proves it! BTW that guy is an idiot getting that close to the Giant Capensis...

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I know that guy must be trying to get a cutting for all of us.
We should thank the brave soul for trying.
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Hi all ,

I'm growing a couple of "giant" (or so-called forms) of D.capensis , but only one form seem to be a bit giant...

in fact , I'm asking myself if some "giant" plants ar not only...old plants , that have been grown in good conditions.

one must remember that in nature , D.capensis can be very big (in fact , very long , 'cause it's a stem building plant)

the most impressive form of D.capensis that I have is the Baine's Kloof form : it builds a stem , and it looks like a small tree (have'nt blooming yet)

er...I've also got a small (called "pigmy" or "compact") form of the plant...and this one is really small , and it stay small

patrice c
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Lowrie's catalog lists a form of capensis named capensis var. minor. Maybe this is the "pygmy" or "compact" form.
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you are right !

that "pygmy" or "compacta" plant came from Lowries. But since that day , it seems that he have changed it's name in "var.minor"...

did he described thoose plants ?
(botanicaly seen)

patrice c
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The giant capensis that I have saw in Germany in 1993 had a diameter of 12 inches. I have to dig up the photos and post them some time.

All of mine were at most half that size.