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Capensis babies

I took the flower stalks of some mature capensis plants i have and spread the seeds on damp spagnum.. There are lots of green little plants starting ( (the size of pin heads) If I can get them a little bigger would anyone like any?
i have nothing to trade yet - but i might like one.
Don't wory about trading I do this cause I Love the plants and would like to share them.. Just want to make sure they would live and get bigger so i can send them out!!! Ill keep you posted on how they are doing!!
You deserve credit for being a generous individual!

I'm going to move this to the trading forum...perhaps you'll get more replies.
Hehehe, geez what has it been, a week?
And you're already moving messages. Weild that mod like power!


I'm sure you'll find at least a few people that will give them a home they can thrive in. Keep us updated with how they're doing. And...congratulations for getting the seed to germinate.
i would gladly give it the thriving home =D
Hi... Thanks fot the kind words!!!! I will keep you all posted and if I can I will take a Pict of the little guys and girls ( My Babies) :eek:) Also I will send you guys who want some .. I think if they get a few eatting leaves, they should be okay for travel.........
alright thanks keep us posted

Hi. I would like one. But I don't have anything to trade. Maybe if you have a few extra seeds i can have some.
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I will have a pict of the little ones today Maybe this afternoon.... they have tinyest little leaves with a few that have some tendrriles started hehehe all to cute little buggers!!!!!!!
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Hey I'd like one.  At the moment I don't have anything to trade but later I'll have some sarr seed.  Pm me and we can negotiate.


Oh, and what color of flower did you have?  And what form of capensis?
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Hope this works if it does the little green specks are the little ones
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HI All

The capensis's are the non red for and red tendrill kind mixed and maybe some cross pollanation went on to but not sure.. But tons of little babies growing......... Sorry the pict is a little fuzzy
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hey pasoftim what soil mix did you use cuz my sundew is sending out flower spikes and i might have seeds!

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real fine spagnum and perlite.... crushed the perlite up to be kinda fine,,,, 3 parts spag to one part perlite... hope this works for you of you try it

ps used the old wood loking pot thingy with a rounded wood handle and mashed the perlite
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i am afraid those seedlings look way to small to ship
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k thx also do you put it in a tray of water?do u put in in a greenhouse or spmething for humidity?
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Humidity from inclosed greenhose and misting... they are just starting to get the little killer leaves on them.. id say in a week or so.. I guess ship them in a little flower pot and wrap them with celophane and pack them so they don't move to much.. whatcha all think?
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Hey Pas,
In my experience with capensis seedlings, it will be a little more like 2 or even 3 weeks before they're ready to ship (assuming that pic is current). I have seedlings of the same size, and they're taking their sweet time getting up to repotting (shipping) size.