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Capensis "alba" leaf sprouting

vft guy in SJ

VFT and Drosera lover
Ok for those of you who don't know, I just recieved a Capensis "Alba" a few weeks ago, which my cat promptly dug up and mauled. Well after quite a few very bad words I can not repeat here, I repotted my poor baby Capensis and prayed for recovery. Well not only is my Alba recovered well, (5 fully formed and dew covered leaves with 2 more well on the way) it has SPROUTS on one of the mauled leaves that is drooping on the soil
WAHOOOOO!!! If only my digi-cam could focus on them.. they are soooooooo cool.
I will keep you posted on their progress

Yeah, it's hard to keep this species down. I think it is the toughest of all the Drosera species. When the going gets tough the tough get growing! (and I remember when I thought it had to have a terrarium&#33
Funnily enough the Singaporean community of growers have been having some problems with the capensis alba. Our plants have stopped dewing, producing new leaves that are stunted, etc.
Yes indeed. My capensis' flower stalk has suddenly stopped flowering. The remaining flower buds have simply become black and the rest of the seed pods (or semi-seed pods, whatever they're called) are also turning black. I recall that when my d.intermedia's seed pods ripened, the pods turned black along with the stalk. Here, the stalk's green but the pods are all black. Any idea why?
Could it be a new fungal or bacterial infection. It could spread through air currents. Kind of a blight?
ebey,are you growing yours in a terarium?
I grow mine outdoors in full sun and on a tray of rainwater.
ok,so you can check that off.