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Canadian cp growers

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I was thinking of ordering some plants from these Canadian CP growers. Has anyone else bought plants from them?

Fraser's Thimble Farms

Hawaiian Botanicals

Niagara Exotics

These were all I could find. Does anybody know any others in Canada?  
I have bought plants from Hawaiian Botanicals they arrived fairly beat up. They had some yellow leafs on the neps and vft had broken branches but I think they will all pull through.

Also ordered a nep from tropical jungle, good service fast delivery and healthy plant.

I did not see any cp's listed at Fraser's Thimble Farms. What kinds do they have?

You can also get some neps from this place
Zephyrus Orchids
If you go to the "2003 Collectors List" at Fraser's Thimble Farms you can find a type of butterwort and if you go to "Perennials H-Z" you can scroll down and find 3 or 4 types of Pitcher Plants like sarracenia purpurea for around $10.
I already bought seeds and plants from Niagara exotics. The owner is really nice, and there is a nice plants assortements. The answer is fast, as the delivery, and the quality is good. I never heard of the two others before.

I sometimes have few spared plants too, if it can help you in your search of cp in Canada (I'm in Quebec)