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Can you see it now?

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Ok. Heres the deal, something is totally wrong with my rafflesiana!  
Black stains (like burns) have been apearing on my rafflesiana's newly born pitcher and sprout!!!!!!
 Help me guys! I love her soooooooooo much!

The pitcher.

The sprout.

P.S. Are the pics better?  
 Please help.
I would say the humidity is too low for the plant. My rafflesiana is kept at 70% or higher.
Looks like the crown of the plant is turning black, is that right? My raffs do better with more shade, and very high temps and humidity. Is your humidity high enough? (%) I've seen instant blackening of various parts of the plant if the humidity drops suddenly. Did you open the chamber and let out the humid air suddenly? That might do it.
The pitcher looks like it was exposed to either dry sun and it burned r just a severe drop in humidity.

The growth point looks bad....looks almost like it was frost bitten, that happen to my N. clipeata 'clip-1' plant and I totally de-growth pointed it and now it is coming back strong. I think you might have to do that to prevent loosing the entire plant to the blackness...it looks like it is spreading.