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Can you name this nep?

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I'm growing CPs in the Desert of Tucson, Az
i know the question has been asked.  but i don't think pictures were ever posted.  so come on all you nep people!  ...name it.  



thanks alot!,
it looks like a N. x Judith Finn
but I could be wrong
The leaves and their attachment to the stem resemble x Judith Finn but you won't know "for sure" until your pitchers get much larger and more adult shaped. Just about all juvenile Nepenthes pitchers look the same at that age/size as in your photos.

My suggestion for now would be to give it more light than what it looks to be getting now and make sure humidity stays high (if it does turn out to be a Judith Finn it will eventually prefer cooler temps than lowland). I do not know how much light you're giving it but from the looks of it the pitchers could be larger more colorful for you with more light. Also, be sure to feed the pitchers too as that will actually help "fuel" your plant, just don't overfeed.
I have the same one (mine was from LPOH), and it is currently growing in my lowland tank. I am planning on moving it into an intermediate or highland set up as soon as I can get the right equipment. It's my only highland, and it's REALLY tollerant, so I've been procrastinating.
The pictures vaguely remind me of my x mixta when I got it.
I'm guessing Judith Finn based on my plant.
at first I was keeping it in a terra at room temp and adding a frozen bottle at night for nighttime drop. it hated that allot and died all the way back. I now keep it with my D. ordensis 'mulligans lagoon' which is a heated tank at approx 83 all the time. the tank it sits in has 3 fluorescent tubes over it. due to the height of the tank the lights are not as close to the plants as I would like... but, what can I do... when I bought it the pitchers were defiantly bigger. but after the near death and the fact that I have not feed it and maybe the light thing the pitchers are smaller. I guess I'll have to search around and find those feeding recommendations again.
I have that same Gublers's nep. I don't think its a pure Judith Finn. The leaves don't seem to have the same shape. Plus, the new leaf isn't red (all mine start off a beautiful red/burgundy and turns green when the leaf is fully grown).
The pitchers have maxima-like spots, and look pretty nice. Gublers seems to sell many different nep hybrids, some are bland and some are gorgeous! I'll post pictures soon.
It looks a lot like a Judith Finn but it good be a hybrid still.
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Ok, here's two of my Gubler's Neps.

Here's #1

Here's #2, much prettier

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WOW, cool. thanks for the pictures!! how about a wide one of the whole plant??
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It doesn't look like judith finn, N x judith finn usually has heart shaped leaves, I think. I'm guessing it's ventrincosa.
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I don't think so I still think it is a Judith Finn because N. Ventricosa leafs are usually more long then wide and the pitchers would be bigger on an N.Ventricosa is the leafs were that big.
It could be a N. Sanguinea x Judith Finn
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N. x Judith Finn doesn't have heart shaped leaves, that's truncata. JF is a hybrid between N. spathulata X N. veitchii. The leaves on my older JF are wavy and wide (at the outside end where the tendril comes from) but not heart shaped. The top of the leaves are at first dark maroon in the older one and then turning to the normal green color when the leaf fully opens and he tendril begins to drop before pitcher bud inflation begins. On my smaller JF the leaf top is only slightly pink then turning to green and the leaves on the young one are not yet wavy.

Here's a Judith Finn pitcher (apx 5") on my larger plant

The newest pitchers are 6"+ but due to the big plant crawling across the substrate and clasping the pot they are burried halfway so you just see the tube and peristome and lid... I am going to repot this plant into a new container with a 20" diameter cork tube and see if it will climb like the veitchii parent does, it seems my plant wants to, I might as well capitalize on it!

But like I said at first, you won't know til it produces larger and more colorful  pitchers. Age of the plant does not always affect how your pitchers look, it depends very much upon light. I've had a cutting of a N. khasiana x N. ventricosa making colorful 5" pitchers, placed it in a dark spot and several months later the same plant is producing almost juvenile shape and colored pitchers and leaves again at the top of the stalk with the large ones at the bottom. Light is of utmost importance for bringing about the maturng of the pitchers shape and color. But be sure that the plant stays plenty moist or the pitchers won't form at all.

If using a aquarium with fixed lid  and only  a few lights you can put your plants pot on an upsidedown plastic pot so it's closer to the light, then as it grows lower it by an inch or two by using smaller and smaller "stands". I would say a minimum of 4 40 watt tubes (160 watts total) and more if you can.

Good luck!  
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Good deal. Thanks Swords, all.
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Here ya go, pic of the whole plant.

Nep #1

Nep#2 the day I got it

Nep#2 the day I got it
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OMG , i can't bel;ieve it , larry , u just posted a pic the the nep i got from gublers . its exactly the same .
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great, so now we (kinda) have an idea of what it is... what should i transplant it into? (soil mixture) i have been wanting to as i hate what it comes in, but i had no idea.
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I'm keeping them in the original substrate it came in, kinda.
Flip it over, remove plant and all from the pot and you will find that they put bark chips at the very bottom! So, I just throw away the bark and place the whole thing back into the pot, with a little bit of live sphagnum for top dressing.