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Can vfts eat ticks?

I would not think so? Ticks have a hard shell but one less is good. Vft's digest soft body insects better then hard shell. If I saw tick - yes, I would feed to it my vft in a heart beat. I am sure they would get somethin' out of it...better then nothing. You could poke it with a needle to draw some blood

I feed them to my VFT's a lot. You do have to keep an eye on them though. Sometimes they push their way out and if you come back later you see them crawling around.

I LOVE to feed engorged blood filled ones to my VFT's. Every once in a while we find one that has fallen off my Father In Law's dog. They look like little jelly beans with legs.

There is another topic I posted a few days ago with a link to a pic of a VFT next to a dime for scale and the VFT eating such a tick. The trap to the right and behind that one had been digesting an even larger tick for about two + weeks.