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Can they grow outside.......beter?

Hi guys and gals, I have a question about my sarracenias,
(purple pitcher and a hooded pitcher) can they grow as well outside in my backyard that gets about 8 to 9 hours of direct sun light with temps as high as 78 degrees and as low as 48 degrees in 6'' pots that sit on a 17'' saucer. What can I do about humidite,during the day time..Will the tips and plants burn if I have them in direct sunlight without shade?
Sounds like they'd do just fine. They love the sun - the more the better. Just keep the pots sitting in water and they should grow very well, with excellent color development.
I don't have the same sarrs (leucophylla, catesbai) but I have some similar conditions outside. I get about 40 - 80 degrees, 5 hours of direct sun. For me I've noticed that the tips will brown after 5 or so hours despite keeping a full water tray. Just remember to acclimate them very slowly, and you'll find out their threshold in a few months or so.

I see that you live in San Francisco. Your CPs will love it outside (except for tender tropical ones). When I lived in the sunset district and later in Berkeley, I grew all of my plants outside. I also was able to use tap water. Now that SF is replacing chlorine with chloramine in fall 2003, I would look into this a bit more closely. Certainly fish, reptile and amphibian owners, dialysis facilities, and businesses using or requiring highly treated water are not happy with this conversion.

Purple's are just about bomb proof, or so I've heard.
Thanks everyone for the great info, I have one more question about have them out side, if I mist them here and there will that cut down on the tips turning brown? Thanks for all the help.....