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Can O Crickets

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God must have an interesting sense of humor
Sounds lame right, but when you order them do they come live or dead?
they are dead but preserved,which means they contain all there nutrients.and after you open them make sure to refrigerate or they get to smell really bad...
Thanks that really helped me.
Preserved? I dont think so.... There in a can, and of course theyll still have there fluids! Dosnt everythign after a week of death?
Preserved? I dont think so.... There in a can, and of course theyll still have there fluids! Dosnt everythign after a week of death? Oh and CPSINC, nice copying and pasting the exzact thing that Phlitrapguy said. About the smell?
When they mean preserved they mean that all fluids have been removed. And they all still have there nuitrients because there are minerals, like in everything, you and me, but im not planning on freeze drying you
Freeze Dried basically is saying there is zero water content... Its not like they were squisehd, and had all their juices extracted, then had their exoskelotons in a can...
Venus Fly Trapper,

They are NOT freeze Dried, they are Pasteruized, all bacteria in them has been killed, and they are still in in posesison of at least some of their fluids.

They are prepared for sale just like that bottle of milk in your refrigerator, however they are canned in a steril container, and not for human consumption, so they have a much longer shelf life.
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ahhh...same diff, same diff...who cares anyway, as long as they taste good lol
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Uhmm, i ate a criket in the wild once, and it was consumed fine. It tasted like french fries! Mmmm
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</span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote </td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">I ate a cricket in the wild once. . . Mmmm[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>

I much prefer earthworms--kinda sour.

Bought one of those cans a while back...unless you remove the exoskeletons and separate the innards into small bits, they're only appropriate for larger sarrs and neps. So, I ended up not using them often, refrigerated the can, and fungus eventually developed. Live insects or freeze-dried bloodworms are a LOT easier.

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there is a huge difference in freeze drying and pasteurization...

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Ha Ha Ha Ha...

It NEVER fails to amuse me what you guys there in the states can actually buy ofa the shelf.

Had to tell my wife about that and I got a real strange look. Being from Japan she is used to curry, mustard and mayonaise (pre-mixed) and even cheese in tubes, but canned crickets?

Here in Indo I have to hunt for anything as exotic as SPAM or baked beans so I guess canned crickets won't be on the shelves for a while to come.

#### that's funny.

Cheers, Troy.