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Can cuttings have lots of light?

hey can cuttings take a lot of light...it wasnt getting much light where i left it at first so i moved it to a floresent light which is usually on and the light is very close to the vft cuttings so the cuttings are getting lots of light for about 4 hours a day?
i thought if a vft cutting gets light then it must have water to photosynthesize...it dosent have roots yet...what should i do?
Venus Flytrap Cuttings should be placed under high light and in a warm location. Care must be taken to make sure the cuttings do not bake in the sun. This is not a high concern with fluorescent lighting, although it could happen.

If the cuttings are not placed in high light, they essentially don't do anything as there is not enough light to promote new growth, the cuttings do not photosynthesis. Even when plant material is cut, it still is alive and functional until it dies.

What I do for my cuttings is place them in a mix of peat/perlite with a top layer of chopped sphagnum moss. I place the pots in plastic bags in a warm location 70°-80°F under fluorescent lights for about 16 hours a day. One could substitute sunlight if care is taken to filter the light with a curtian or shade. After about 3 months, buds begin to form and new leaves begin to develope from those buds. The root systems follow soon after.
ok thx, why must it be warm?can it be about 25 degrees celcius?
also can i have the light on at night for the whole night?