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Camera tricks

Hey! I finally figured out why I couldn't take clear pics! The camera would focus on the background, making the foreground out of focus. To fix the problem, I put a milk jug lid next to the flower. The camera focused on that, and the flower was in focus as well.





Big difference, huh???

I'M THRILLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh yeah, in case anybody was wondering, the flower is a D. Anglica CA X HI.  This was obtained through the generosity of Jeremiah.


Edit: I think it deserves avatar status, don't you think? Changed!
Where is the milk jug lid? BTW nice picture.
Ummmm... it was cut out of the picture. It would kinda have clashed with the flower!
There ya go! This shows the lid, flower and my brother's finger!

Wow, that's a nice photo. Another trick you can use in situations where it's hard to find a an object to focus on is to focus on something large, and then move the camera. I had pretty good luck doing that when taking photos of my pygmy sundew flowers. I'd focus on the plant itself, and then move the camera up the same distance as the length of the flower stalk. Of course, a better option would be a manual focus, but my camera seems to be lacking that....
Something I have done is use my pant leg to get a macro focus. Many cameras lock in their focus when the shutter button is pressed half way down. This way, I can lock in focus on my jeans, and while holding the shutter button 1/2 down, I then use the human zoom to focus in on the subject at hand and then press all the way.