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Byblis liniflora growth conditions

Hi all,

My first Byblis liniflora seeds have germinated!!! After non-germination for close to 2 mths, I decided to throw caution into the wind and placed the pots in full sun. Apparently, the light or the warmth did the trick and the seeds germinated within 1 week of me doing that

Now, some questions... I'm going to slowly remove the plastic sheet from the pot. Does this plant do well outdoors in a topical climate? Can it withstand rain, and I mean heavy rain? Does it like full sun, partial sun or total shade? Water tray or no water tray?

And the seedlings are still quite small... not a good idea to expose them to the elements as of now?


Thanks for reporting on this interesting pioneering you are doing with Byblis liniflora, please keep us updated on your progress and discoveries.
Erm, the main purpose of that message was not to report on my discoveries, which I'm sure are already well-known to many growers here,

I was actually seeking important information from growers who have grown this plant in tropical areas, and esp if it can withstand heavy rains and bright sun.
Post some pix, man!
I'm not an expert and I don't grow the plant but i do know that byblis come from Australia which is a tropical country. So I would guess that they would do very well in tropical climates. I would keep it away from heavy rains (what CP can withstand heavy rain, away?) and I'd put it where it can get full sun, unless the heat is very severe, if that's the case I would shade it some what.
What Cps can survive heavy rains? Well, my VFTs, sundews and sarracenias are out there all the time
What kind of sundews do you have? I thought sundews would definately suffer with heavy rain. Your plants must be super resilient.
It's a d.intermedia and filiformis. the capensis isn't doing as well as these 2, so i will be shifting it inside.
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Wow! That is really beautiful!