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Buying a purple pitcher..from pft.

I need some info on these, I heard they take lots of humidity, and I heard you can feed them spiders and theyll try to crawl out and slide back down. I was just wandering if these are pretty cool, I checked out franks and yes I saw another parent lieing to a stupid kid, and some obess, (I mean really really big, bigger than anyone that uses this site) came up and bought two, completely clueless on how to take care of them and I said sorry you guys, gonna have to go to the great garden in the sky. He was asking the clerk everything and she told him to water it with regular tap and keep it outside and feed it lots of food. LOL. Anyways, all the pitcher plants were tiny and I know they have normal sized pitcher plants here. I need any INFO, any info at all.
the answer to your question:

Yes, they are very cool, of course, LOL.
give them alot of water, about an inch of water all the time, water with the tray meathod. Give it alot of sun, LOTS of sun. 4 hours minimum of full sun should be alright. A good starter Sarracenia would be Sarracenia purpurea, Sarracenia leucophylla, Sarracenia rubra, and Sarracenia flava, it can get up to 3 feet tall I think.
I think he meant obese, as in really fat.
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 I think he meant obese, as in really fat.[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
Oh, I knew that.

trapsrock, that wasn't the nicest thing to say...