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Butterwort flower opening....

I just moved my P. Primuliflora from my temperate terrarium to my tropical terrarium and that triggered it to flower. But for some strange reason the flower is opening on a stalk only 1cm high. Is there a reason for this and I just don't know it yet or is there something wrong with my plant.

It will grow very fast to about 2 in..(at lest that what happened on my plant...it started to open at about 1 in., and by the time it fully opened,(2 days later)the stalk was about 2 in. tall) my p. primuliflora flowered today, but I missed it!
Mine did not open until it hit its full height of roughly 4 to 5 inches. And ive got a second on its way up.

Good, I was worried that my first butterwort flower wouldn't open or something.