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Burkei x Hamata. Need Help

This is my N. Burki x Hamata healthy pitcher

but there is balck growth on the smaller ones and i didnt know if this was them dieing or another cause because my larger nepenthes start dieing ing the leaves first and not a strike up the pitcher itself
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That should help a little
This is another healthy pitcher but it seems that the young or new pitchers are getting the black specks and streaks on them
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Odd idea, but have you tried gently scraping off the black stuff? If it doesnt come off at least then you know it isn't a fungus or some other such pest
I think that developing trap is dying out, I'm guessing you just got this plant though so it's not a big deal, it can be expected from shipping stress.
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Yes i just got it a week or two ago. As time went on it looks more like the pitchers are just dieing out now. only the larger one is staying healthy but it will take time to adjust to the new climate its in. Thank you guys for the reassurance