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Buried pitcher

About a month ago i knocked the growth point (stupid me) off my small khasiana.

It hasn't been the same since... the growth point started to grow back, but it grew three points rather then one. All the leaves which have formed from these points are malformed and yellow around the edges. And about every other pitcher is also malformed. One leaf is forming twins.

Then today i decided to remove the top dressing of small river polished stones and replace them with a fine gravel. (The top dressing keeps the moisture in and I don't have any live sphagnum) And low and behold I discovered two tiny buried albino pitchers... though i can't tell where or what they are attached too... (one is entirely buried except the pitcher mouth)...

Extremely bizarre. Can't wait to see what happens next with my retarded friend.

Any clues for switfter recovery?
3 growing points from one kool. well i would just be patiant with the plant due to it putting out that many growing points. it might be going threw alot due to this i have dealed w/ 2 points but not 3. just keep it the way it has been growing and see what happens w/ the next couple of leaves that come from it. u also might want to give it some extra care due to this. for the albino pitchers hey might have come from a basil shoot that started but never made it to the surface because of the rocks that it has to go threw. you might want to take the rocks out of it completly so it can grow the off shoot.
The pitchers will color up once they've been in the light for awhile.