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bulbs keep turning black when I feed it!?

I have fed 3 different plants 2 different things and every time the trap has turned black on me. The first 2 I fed a chunk of earthworm and the 3rd I fed a live fly. I made sure on each of these that there wasn't anything outside of the closed trap and there wasn't

Any idea why they keep dieing on me??
It sounds to me that the bugs you are feeding your plant are too big. The bugs should be about 1/3 the trap size.
Traps turning black is ugly but not necessarily a bad thing. The plant gets nutrients and as long as new traps are forming it's probably ok. I think UC might be right... food too big.
The fly was pretty good sized but it did fit completely in the trap. It has taken 3 days for it to start to turn black. However on the other plant that I fed earthworms they was not very big chunks that I put in there. It was only about 30 hours before it started turning black.

Should I leave them alone or should I pinch the black traps off?
hey vegitta i think i figured out why this been happening through another persons post, read up on THIS !!!

</span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote </td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">RaW$VENUS.FLY.TRAP.beginner Posted on June 26 2002,13:35
maybe alvin meister is right
the traps dont naturally attract things until they are about a week old, and therefore for some people they rot because we hand feed them too early  THATS IT !

Alvin Meister Posted on June 26 2002,12:43
VFTs don't smell as such, at least not to us. There should be a line of sweet tasting nectar on the edge of the traps, underneath the spines. This usually appears about a week after the trap has opened.
I've had traps where so much nectar is being produced that it drips into the centre of the trap!

unknownclown Posted on June 26 2002,00:24
um vfts dont attract every fly that comes its way you just got to be patient and it will catch its food sooner or later.

Shauntell Posted on June 26 2002,00:18
Yeah sorry, it's a vft.  Guess I need to specify.  I keep forgetting that people can't read my mind.  Anybody know if they can lose their smell?

RaW$VENUS.FLY.TRAP.beginner Posted on June 25 2002,19:44
so its a vft ?

Shauntell Posted on June 25 2002,18:47
I was wondering if plants can lose their smell depending on the conditions they live in.  It seems that mine might not smell or something because flies buzz near it and never even attempt to go near it.  Either that or have mutant intelligent flies.  Anyone know?
[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'> just so you know this is in reverse order
so, read up backwards to understand
Well that might be possible. The 1 plant that I fed 2 traps the earthworms is kinda funny shaped. It was kinda unhealthy cause I got it from lowes and it was dry as a bone when I got it. I have had it abou a week and that is when I fed it the worms.

The one I fed a fly I bought from this site and I had it about 3 days when I fed it. Also I transplanted both of these plants into my tank. I have not noticed any liquids in the traps they are dry as a bone.

Maybe I should wait about a month or so before I start feeding them? Since there in a tank I give them fake light (50 watt plant bulb) They do seem to be growing well I am seeing lots of new traps popping up and they grow well so I don't think my plants will die over this. I do keep them very moist. About every other day I spray them with disstilled water real good. Plus the peatmoss there in is very damp to begin with.