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My fly trap always has those tiny fruit flies around it. All the traps that It came with all fell off, but I got 5 new sprouts popping up. Now they dont even get to open. The little pod at the end turns black before it even has a chance to grow a trap, and A few of them are being chewed on. First question--Is it the fruit flies that are chewing up my plant? And what can I do about it? My second question is---When one gets chewed up or turns black, shoud I cut it where it turns black? Or just cut the whole stalk off at the soil? It seems like they are just sitting there, not about to do anything. Please help me... My plant wants to grow.... It is frequently popping up new sprouts that just dont get a chance to open.
Are you sure they are fruit flies?

Maybe fungus gnats? These might be chewing on the roots, if the plant is waterlogged or too hot/humid, perhaps?

I think we need more info first. Heres a couple questions:
1. Whats your soil?
2.Do you use distilled water?
3.How much sunlight do they recieve?
4. How hot and humid is it.
I don't think its the flies. There probly sucking up the nectar like stuff on the traps.
First of all, I want to thank you all for trying to help out. I loved my plant when I first bought it (about a month ago). It had about 5 traps (or whatever you call them), nice and pink, ready to feed. I never played around with them, but I did transport the plant to a larger pot. Maybe I did something wrong there. Ok, now to answer those questions...1-- I used Schultz professional potting soil plus (sphagnum)...2-- I use collected rain water in a tupperware bowl underneath the pot... 3-- I know it cant receive too much sunlight,  It sits near my window that recieves direct sun not too often, but I think its enough... 4-- I am in New England, and it's JUST starting to get hot and humid. My plant was bought earlier this year, when we had some sun, but it was cool out.
Hey Drlays,

2 things

1) Transplanting isn't the best thing for the plant. When you transplant it, it will go through tremendous shock. And being that it is in the middle of its growing season, you will know it doesn't like it. It can can take upwards of a month or so to recover from transplanting.

2) The soil that you need to repot it in should only say Canadian Sphgnum Peat Moss.
From your description, it sonunds to me like potting soil with extras added to it.

The temperature has little to do with it. The plant can take a range from mid 40's to mid 90's. Just don't let it go below freezing. But try to keep it between 60's amd 80's

The bugs you have around the plant are fungus gnats. They shouldn't harm the plant at all.

If your traps are turning black, I would only cut the trap and not the leaf, the plant can still use them for energy ( photosynthesis )

I think that the problem with the plant is the fact it was transplanted out of its container. It is just going to take some time to recover.

Just make sure that it receives all the light it can, and allow the plant to sit in 1-2 inches of water. Or if you receicved it with a tray attached, always keep that filled.

Keep us informed about the plant.