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Buds falling off

Ok... so I just got this really awesome Phalaenopsis orchid... with literally 26 buds on it. LITERALLY!
--- 7 look like they're doing well, starting to open up... but then a great deal of the smaller buds are yellowing and falling off.

I'm wondering if it's something *I* am doing ... or what!

Is this normal ... or is my poor orchid not happy
If it's a spanking new orchid it's probably just not used to it's new environment (temporarily not happy). In that case I think what you're seeing is probably normal.
Phals buds are sensitive to cold draughts when they are small. Probably as it was enroute to the store or from the store to your house it got hit.
don't worry about it. i picked up a phal from one of the local stores here last yr. and it did the same thing to me. the buds just fell of with out opening or anything. just keep doing the same thing as you are doing to the rest and it will be ok.