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Brown spots

I purchased a pitcher plant(I think it is a tarnok) from Lowe's today. When I got it home, I realized that the entire bottom of the plant was brown. I'm not sure if this is natural or a disease, can someone advice?

Most likely dead bugs, their decay causes rot, or the plant has root or rhizome rot affecting the pitchers, i would check the rhizome to see if it has any sign of rot.
touch the bottom and if it feels very soft a mushy then its rot , there not much you can do at this rate so what i'd do is return or exchnage the plant as soon as possible , don't froget the reciept .
The thing that bothers me is all the little pitchers that are just sprouting are all rotting down near the bottom also. They came in a cubic case that had no hole on the bottom and the top had been tapped shut so they had no circulation. I don't know if that was the problem but I will be returning them today.
Thanks again!