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Britta filtered water

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eel electric

I have a Britta water filter, and was wondering if the filtered water is OK to give my CP's?
I have not looked at the brita filter recently. However it was my understanding that it is a mix of carbon and dionizing beads..

Anyone with a brita and a tds meter able to check if it removes dissolved solids?

On a side note even if it does work. Last time I checked, the cartridges were very expensive and not capable of purifying much water for the cost.. Probably be less expensive to buy distilled water. Or if you have a quality pet store in your area to see if they sell purified water in quantity.
Of course the cheapest if your in a good local is to just collect rainwater ;>
When I first started out on CP's I did utilize the Brita faucet filter but it was only for about 2-3 months then came distilled water while I saved for the RO unit I now use, so in short term watering I found it was fine. I even used it on a Nep. my first Nep. N. Veitchii x Truncata and that did fine with it. So I would say OK for a short while. But yeah if you could try to get it analyzed somewhere for TDS content. If it is below 100 ppm (am I correct) it is fine. Forgot what the ppm was for safe watering of CP's.
I can't say from experience, but I've heard elsewhere that it is okay to use on a short-term basis only. I don't think those filters really remove a whole lot. Kind of a scam, if you ask me.