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Bonsai Trees

Ok, maybe not ANY tree! But I'm wondering, if I grow one of my mimosa trees...without being allowed to grow to full size, will the leaves and flowers still bloom, and could I effectively keep it trimmed and growing in my terrarium, essentially as a "bonsai tree"?
It depends on how the tree takes to having its roots trimed. I have found the key to growing my bonsai is to use a non-tradional pot. I use a 8-inch clay pot to grow my maple tree, it is about 5 years old and I grow it outside without any protection. Keep in mind that the translation of bonsai is tree in a pot so technicaly any tree can be a bonsai even if it is in a large pot.
Cool, I may have to give that a try then if I can even get my mimosa seeds to germinate!