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Bog problem

I have had a VFT bogg on the deck doing fine over the past few years. I have noticed that the plants are now stressed. Seems that some are browning early, others in a partially closed state. I also notice a reddish color around the triggers on the traps. I do treat for aphids every 3 weeks or so with orthene so I don't believe it is an aphid thing. I have typical, red dragon, and sawtooth plants in the bog. Seems that all are showing stress with the sawtooth plants being effected the most and the red dragons the least.

Any help greatly appreciated
the red coloration is not spider mites is it?

are you having an unusually hot summer? VFT roots don't handle temps above 90 well, they start dieing off... if that is the case, then your plants are in need of some shade...
We are having a hot summer here in Ga. As for spider mites, not sure how to tell. Are they resistant to orthene?
It is possible that the soil temps are approaching 90+ degrees during the day.
The only way I see to correct that would be to position on the deck for fewer sunlight hrs.
Could bad water be the problem, we use r/o water but could have been contaminated
My other flytraps are showing no signes of stress outdoors.

Maybe just time to change the peatmoss?? Even with RO water minerals will build up over time if there is never any flushing of the system going on.

Also keep in mind that RO membranes slowly degrade and will need to be replaced. How often depends on how much water is processed and what the quality is to start and if there are any harsh chemicals in it like chlorines etc...
I think adding shade will help your plants. I have been growing mine outside in a bog for several years also. The only water they get besides rainwater is straight out of the garden hose. My bog is partialy shaded and even the VFT's that bloomed are doing good. I live in Hiram GA, outside Atlanta, so mine have been getting the heat treatment.