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Bog and update

nepenthes gracilis

Nepenthes Specialist
Hey all I just recieved my bog/pond container thingie with optional side spout mini pond which will be added later. And my S.Leucophylla and Catesbaei are shown too.


Bog positioned outside and far ot the right of the greenhouse entrance. With living Sphagnum coming through!


Big purpurea subsp. Purpurea in bog.






Nice ;>

I still like the bog in the pickup better though.

Well it is moveable! Just pick it up outta the hole and away you go! I could bring it down to you to see! lol.

Hey anyone know if CPs get carsick??
VERY nice Nep. I want one with all dew, but outdoors in SF isnt that nice for them lol. Luv the catesbelia
Tony, I think Sarracenia Nepenthes and Heliamphora will be most likely to toss anything out of their traps, everyone else will be most likely fine.

Ceph, I will be adding Rotundifolia and Intermedia once the rains come and drench the bog, it really needs it bad!
Nice plants as well as the bog, Nep. G.
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NG< looks real nice...

just make sure it's a little higher than the ground around it... I sure would hate it if some fertilizer rich run-off got in there...

I think I would cry for you... your lucy is looking NICE....

Whats your address again? Might be time for some covert ops!
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Thanks Ram! Ya it is about 5 inches around the sides so no ground water is gonna run in to or over the edges. I did add a side spout to collect and reserve emergency water for the bog too, I just started it off by filling it up with RO water, tis way if it does rain tonihgt the excess water will water my bog from the mini water fall created by the side spout attachement. My address? Ya want it? I'll just surround my house with V3 Soviet surplus rocket lauchers and be prepared. lol.
Or maby i can surround it with some Apocalspe tanks?
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well if it's soviet stock, I aint worried... the only thing they ever did well were the HIND helo's... well... I gotta givem props for the Mig-29 fulcrum to... but that's about it...
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wow is that leucophylla pitcher as big as i think it looks like ?
3 feet ?........
18 inces ?!!
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It is about 2 and 1/2 feet tall.

Ram, lol OK now I'll used allied battle tanks with opitonal SAM sites.
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Very Very Very Very Very nice. Nice plants. Thats a BIG leucophylla pitcher! I am soon going to make my bog garden. I ask for help from you, NG! (you probably won't let me tell your name)!
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That sure is a great looking bog----Ram, I'll hold him down if you'll share the bootie LOL.

I really am impressed, even without rain you must have the perfect conditions and one very greenthumb. I'm doing a raindance myself and its not working. Used up the last of my reserved rainwater the other day, now I have to stock up from the store

Again, nice looking setup
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PLB, everyone on here at PFT knows my name thanks to Phil and Ram.

Linda, I don't think you'll be holding down a 6 ft4 guy any time soon and esp. when RamPuppy would be stacking his Sarracenia and Neps in the back of his Dodge Ram!
And yeah, it has been pretty dry here but I have been surving off of 3 gallons of distilled water and 6 gallons of RO water and 1 gallon of Rain water now gone along with the Distilled and 4 gallons of RO. So I got about 2 gallons now and that's enough as my bog is pretty good and I put up a sidespout mini pond thingie that will catch and store up to 2 gallons of Rani when it does rain! And all the other SAras, where the leucophylla is pictures you can see a gray picnic table it is siting at and there are lots os other plants thee and they have been using up water too but not too bad, so as you can see everyoen is suffering up here!
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For those of you missing your rain.

We have it, we would really like to give it back.

-Drowning in San Antonio Texas
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HeHeHe, Ram thats a good one and I would love to take you up on it.

NG---Never underestimate a girl on a mission-- 6ft 4 may be tough, but I've played some football in my day and was pretty good at the quarterback sneak LOL.

I am really impressed by your plants and can't wait to see how they make it the winter in your new greenhouse.
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Ram turn on 100+ window fans to blow the clouds and rain up here in the North East!!!

Linda, yeah they should take it well in the greenhouse cept the S.Purpurea subsp. Purpurea and D.Rotundifolia whihc will be outside year round. And 1 more thing, Hut hut hike!