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Hey Happy New Year!
One of my hybrid cuttings gave me the greatest christmas/new years present: it's blooming!! (i squealed and giggled and jumped up and down like a crazy lady on the discovery!!&#33
But, is it normal for it to stop pitchering when it's in bloom?? It hadn't pitchered for about a month and then the top leaves unfirled to expose a flower cluster. The buds haven't opened yet so I'm not sure what sex it is.

Lia, no the vine will keep growing and putting out leaves and pitchers. it will be some time before all the flowers open. do you know what hybrid it is? if ya don't have another plants that is flowering and your plant turns out to be male after you see the first one open you might want to let everyone know what kind it is and see if they have a female plant to pollenate it with or vicversa.
Lia, I don't have any advice cos none of my plants have flowered yet but I was just curious how big is your plant (height) when it flowered? Any idea how long it's been growing in it's current pot/how long undisturbed? Did you fertilize with any kind of bloom promoting fertilizer? Is it in a terrarium or a window or...?

Basically I'm just curious about all about Nep flowering since I've never had it happen yet.
That's great
. My N. khasiana seems to flower every year during winter. It sports a great smell
Geez, I think I was just lucky. I didn't do anything special, however the cutting is from the vine portion of a n. tobaica x n. talangensis, so it produces upper pitchers, and hence is mature. I suspect plant maturity is important for blooming...

I've had it for less than a year in a terrarium with 4 - 20 watt regular cool florescent bulbs. It gets cool nights (50-60 degrees) regularly through more now (obviously) being winter. Uh what else... I give it superthrive once a month... mist it once a day... and the vine is fairly close to the lights.

Yeah, i think its the maturity and perhaps the season... nothing I've done.