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black spots

Apr 26, 2002
chicago, il
hi guys

i know that when the traps of the vft turn black, it needs to be cut off. what if the leaves turn black, do i cut it off as well? and also, sometimes the leaves turn black before the traps do. do i wait for everything to turn black??
May 11, 2002
Chicago area
If the trap is only black--I'd say to just remove the trap, as the rest that is still green can benefit the plant.
If the whole length is dead--I would remove it then.
I am pretty new at this but thats what I got out of reading up on these so far.
Anyone else??
Apr 15, 2002
Bristol, England
The traps tend to go black before the leaves. If the trap starts going black before the leaf, cut it off. If the leaf goes black after you have removed the trap or before the trap goes black then you can either:

a) wait for the whole leaf to go black and then remove the whole thing

b) trim the leaf as bits go black.

I don't know which is best for the plant, but I usually go for option b), it keeps the plant looking nice!


If the leaf starts to go, I would cut it off.

The chance game that we play with these plants is:

1) We don't want them to mold. Leaving dead leaves on the plant and soil may cause rotting.

2) We want to provide the best environment for the plant, and that would mean to take little precautions to ensure the greatest chance for the plant's survival.

If the leaf is good but the trap is black, I would only take off the trap. The leaf can still help the plant ( photosynthesis )