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Black spots spreading on nep...

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hey there are black spots spreading all over one of my nep....are they harmful what are they?can it spread to my other neps? what should i do...thx
It is hard to determine just what the problem is by your description.

Perhaps it is some superficial soot mold on the leaf surface from excess moisture. Have you tried wiping it off?

If it is within the leaf tissue itself then there is a deffinate problem and I would isolate the plant from the others until you can treat it and determine what the cause is.

Do your spots look something like this:


If so, you can just wipe it off with a damp cloth.
yeah it looks like that thx
Nick, what are those white specks? Are they some kind of aphid or something? I ask because they seem concentrated in your black spots.

I too have had this once or twice on my small highland neps that were not getting enough air flow. I think they call it "sooty mold" or something similar to that. As long as it wipes off it's relatively "safe". Though you should look at all the aspects of how you're growing your plant and determine how to stop it from happening again.

As Tony said, if the black is in the tissues there's a bigger problem at hand. Orchids are notorious for "Black Spot Disease". Thankfully Neps seem to be more resilient to whatever viruses cause BSD. BSD looks different than what Nick showed. BSD is simply tiny black pinhead sized spots that seem to grow in number very slowly inside the leaf but eventually making the leaf look terrible. If this pops up there is no cure as far as I have read.
I never had a aphid problem on my Nepenthes. If I recall correctly, that was just some dried soil particals ( bits of sphagnum ) on the leaves. That photo was taken over a year ago.