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Black spots on orchid leaves

I purchased a selection of "bloomed out" orchids at a local nursery for cheap prices and some have black specks on the top and bottom of the leaves (some spots are puffy and there's a dark green circle around the black spot). Is this the dreaded "Orchid Virus" which means I have to destroy these plants? Is there a way to cure this.
Can the virus be transmitted communally or must the plants come in contact with each others sap (like using one pair of sciscors on an infected plant without sterilizing and then using on another)? I haven't done any trimming on them but they have been sitting next to the other orchids.
Most importanly, if it is communal can it be passed to my Nepenthes?

Thanks for any toughts!
sword from what i was always told cut it past bad spot so you dont touch it and cut it off. there should be no problem then
I've had similar problems on an oncidium, which don't spread even to new growth on that plant (so I assume it might be opportunistic, it mainly happened in a home depot). I don't know of any tar spot fungi attacking orchids, but they usually cause black spots on leaves. If it is, it is unlikely to kill the plant, but might not get better either. That's only a couple possibilities, it could be something else entirely. Personally, I'd isolate the plants with it, and see how new growth occurs on them.
If it is a virus the plants need to destroyed. The plants may have an aphid buggy thing on them that can spread it to other plants. Give them a while many things seem to give my orchids little black spots.