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Black leaves



I have just got back from vacation. (Everybody's tips on keeping them alive during my absence work very well, Thanks)

I have noticed on my common and on my green dragon, that a few leaves have turned black. I keep them in a widowsill, and it receives sun between 12:30 to about 8pm everyday, keep them watered constatnly. I have to put up a screen, which does allow airflow (like a screen door), and have a fan on it so it keeps the temps around 90-94 at the most. The sun seems to reflect off of the screen and really heat up this area (the screen is for cat repelent!!!).

I was wondering if the sun coming thru the glass magnifies the heat and/or damaging to the plants? I just moved them back from the window a bit to see what happens. Was also wondering if it needs this direct sunlight, or just light in general (ie, moving it to another window where it isn't blasted by the sun at the hottest part of the day)

Mar 30, 2002
Columbus, OH
Light is OK--but the temp seems excessive.

I think if you wait they will adjust to the new conditions and send up "light-hardy" leaves.

Can you get the temps down into the 80s? Heat is bad for the roots.



The plant can take temps into the 90's ( low 90's ) but you don't want the 'soil temp' to get above 90 ( that is bad ).

Just because the temp is high, doesn't mean the soil temp is.

I have never seen 'sunburn on a flytrap ( doesn't mean it doesn't happen, just haven't seen it )

VFT's can take the light. It is more the heat.

The leaves turning black are just a sign of them dying off. ( natural process ).

If they went yellow, then brown....that might be sunburn.

I think that you are cool and if you wanted to be safe...leave the plants away from the light and see what happens. IF you see the leaves 'reaching' for the light, they need more
Just put them closer to the light and test again.
Different things will work for different people, so try something that you fell comfortable with and remember you can always readjust.