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Bit quiet

It's been really cold here for about 3 weeks so my plants are hiding underneath fish tanks. They have kind of gone into a suspended animation - no growth or black bits. The annoying thing is that they catch more food in the greenhouse in winter than in summer. There must be some slow moving creatures in there, the traps should take about 20 seconds to close in theory
My Red Dragon is also looking almost completely green - roll on spring!
Mine are asleep in the fridge you see with no fungus he he he. Well I tried to make a rhyme.
We started to get some realy heavy frost over here and since I put them into dormacy mid October I took mine out of dormacy. I guess you can say that I got impatient cause I missed them but Jaie said that they only needed a couple of months of dormacy. That was all I needed to hear. They are doing great I've repotted them and they didn't suffer any shock at all. I just fed one a sow bug and I am hoping that it doesnt turn the trap black like a lady bug will.
Mine were eating also durring dormacy when I took them out of dormacy I opened a trap after I cut it off and the sucker looked as if it ate a slug. YUCK!
It is real quite in here...I think we need to play duck, duck, goose or something to kill the time!!!

I still have a room full of plants....since I grow all throughout the year...I don't have to worry about doemancy too much.
mine (typical and dente) are "trying" to go dormant. I placed them in the cold outdoors since thanksgiving and none of em went done! What a bunch of rebels lol! They just keep producing leaves. My S.minor went down into dormancy pretty fast..but my purpurea wont go dormant. Most have been the feeding of crickets, flies, mealworms, etc during the growing season eh?
My traps are all growing steadily and still munching the egg white. Why? Because I received them in July when they were in dormancy and they are not sleepy. Hehehe...

Don't envy me, I've got to spend on electrical bills although I'm at One North...weather's too gloomy here. My sarras are in the fridge with my can drinks. Fortunately, my bro didn't think they were ginger...he uses ginger in every meal he cooks!
Winter has finally hit our area. My flytraps and sarrs are asleep on the porch (guess they are dreaming of bugs instead of sugarplums LOL). There is a good chance they won't make it though, I had hoped to keep the porch at about 35F, but they last few days have been bitter cold, lowest temp on the porch was 22F, gets to about 32 or better during the day. Everything is frozen solid. I'm going to stick it out though and see what happens. I'm kind of counting on my freeze/thaw theory. If everything stays frozen, they may make it. Good reason to buy more if they don't.

Linda ö¿ö
I brought my S.Pupurea spp. Venosa and my Darlingtonia in since they were near frozen solid!! Now they are still chilly but are thawed out. I put them by a cold door still. Nep.G.
S.purps and darlingtonia can withstand alot of cold.
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But Venosa? And I don't want to risk my Darlingtonia. Unless they can stand night temps here in 22F almost everynight. Along with Venosa. It was side by side with the Darlingtonia but now they still are side by side but thawed out.
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Well if my VFTs and sarras weren't in dormancy they sure oughta be now! We went from summer-like weather to days in the 30s and nites in the 20's. It's cold here! I'm a little worried about freezing too. Maybe tomorrow I'll move the cage onto my back porch. They are calling for a little snow on Thursday...YAY!!! I hope it snows a foot deep but not likely. I LOVE snow! Usually when they say its going to snow, it doesnt. But hope springs eternal....

I am already thinking of spring...we are past the winter solstice so the days are getting longer! Couple more months and dormancy will be rolling back. Will be interesting to see what survived and how things grow. I'm afraid I've lost most of the VFTs to grubby squirrel paws. :-(

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Nep G the cobra lillies can handle freezing cold weather so don't worry about those. They are from the mountains of Oregon and California where it snows quite a bit and they love darn near freezing roots since they are naturally watered from the melting snow. I think by looking at mine that the only real damage they get from it is thier pitchers turn brown and dented in looking. But that's all part of dormacy, plants unfortunately sometimes die down
but they'll be back

See here's mine it looks like crap but it's getting new larger pitchers I have 2 others 1 realy looks bad I snipped off the top of a pitcher, it was dead anyway, and I am trying Super thrive to see if it helps.

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OK I'll put that Cobra Lily back out there since it oves cold temps. I knew it could take cold temps but wasn't sure just how cold. At night here it gets about at average 22 F but can be even colder like 10 and you say this is OK for the CL? Well OK if you say so. But i forgot days temps go to 35-45 so it warms up fairly quick. What about the Venosa???
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My VFT are in the garage along with S. Dixie Lace are just chilling.
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oops I entered it twice :shocked:

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I would put it outside next to the house or somewhere where the real heavy frosts can't get to it only because it sucks to have them die back down and they look ugly when they do. I am pretty sure that if they get the heavy frosts they can handle it since in thier natural enviroment they get burried in the snow sometimes.But like I said I bet they are ugly when the snow thaws and lets face it nobody likes ugly plants! Do you have a place like a garage where the frost can't get to it? Or a covered patio next to the house would work since if you look the frost doesn't get so bad there.
Oh and I realy don't know anything about the venosa sorry
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Well where it was it just gets really cold at night. The water in the Venosa pitchers froze over so it does get fairly cold. I'll ask someone else about the Venosa. Thanks about the Cobra Lily anyway.
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that is deffinately not good get them inside or somewhere warmer! Poor little guys
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Nonononononononono! I put the Cobra Lily back out where it was. The Venosa I put by the door that leads to the porch and it is very chilly by the door. The Venosa's pot now it cold so I think it is cold enough.
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Yes.. um. I saw the post above some ways by mr/mrs unkown clown and found that I have a similar problem. You see, when I come into my room.. I often hear "Sweatn' to the Oldies" and it kind of smells something like sweat.. like a musty smells. Anyways.. can you please click the link below and diagnose the problem? http://twiztidpit.homestead.com/files/simmonsplant.jpg Thanks or all your help, it's appreciated!