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biggest trap size ever recorded

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dose any one know the lagest size ever recorded of a trap or a venus fly trap and where can I get a photo?
Well, there is mention that it belongs to our own Mike King and there is a photo here

i got one trap that is now just dying off and it was nearly 2 inches in length,in fact it caught a large wasp on the last time it open to catch something.i will try in the future if i have another trap that big to get a pic of it with a ruler next to it..besides i didnt know in the past that my nearly 2 inch trap was close to a record..
Well this isn't trap size or anything, but I have a double trap forming on my VFT.
That photo of the vft trap looks like its topping out at 1.75 inches, or is that a metric ruler he's using?

I believe Richard had one that was 3 inches
I have also heard of them getting up to 3" but I personally havent seen one .....yet
It had to be Audrey 2's traps in the movie Little Shop of Horrors
Lol, no just joking but my plant once had a 1.5 inch trap. It once caught a moth and was dying so I cut off the trap.
Hi, I have a Common right now with 2 traps that are an inch and a half. You`ll have to take my word for it, I`m unable to post pictures right now.
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This one is about 1" and 3/4


Note the fly and the tiny cricket inside