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Biggest Glutton...

I am assuming that it is one of the pitcher plants that this prize should go to... I am not including any of the aquatic species, or bladderworts, because I'm talking about the kind that you sit outside, and then disect fo find like, hords of skeletons, u know?

So, which of the pitcher plants is the best at catching its food??? If it is not a pitcher, then maybe a ping, or drosera?

I think i read somewhere that the winner is Darlingtonia, but N. Inermiis, or Iowii (I think there are a few I's in it's name, but i could be wrong), specializes in catching termites, and they do it very well...

So, which is it guys (and dolls, to be pollitically corect
i would ahvbe to say S.flava is one of th biggest eaters around. also, i belive N.albormarginata specializes in eating termites. That all floks-Zach
I thought it was S. leucophylla. It's late pitchers and white colouring are great for catching wasps.
For Sarracenia I would go with S.Leucophylla and S.Flava. For Nepenthes I would say For catching a large meal N.Rajah and the most meals would go to a richly colored one such as N.Burbidgeae,N.Northiana,and N. Truncata.
So, leucophylla is the HUGEST glutton of all CPs?
At least for Sarracenia, as far as I know.
Arent Darlingtonias pigs too though? I mean that nectar, and those windows...
I actually don't think darlings are as gluttonous as sarrs. The ones I windowsill grow don't catch very many insects, at least compared to sarrs.