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Big reward for a little effort

Three or so months ago I was at a Home Depot and decided to check
out their cp display. None of the plants were in desirable condition except
for one, which was very dead, but what caught my attention is that there
were several offshoots growing off of one dead leaf. Furthermore, the
remains didn't look like the plants that I always see in this area which are
D. adelae and D. spathulata and probable hybrids.

But to see this plant in it's one, last-ditch-effort to survive, I decided to buy
it, seeing that it had potential and knowing that is was a species that I didn't
have. After giving it a few days in it's original container with better lighting
conditions, I snipped off all the sprouts and planted them in a larger one,
using a mix of peat and silica sand.

They are now about one inch in across and seem to be doing well but I
don't know what the are. I have checked the web and the books and my
guesses would be D. intermedia, rotundifolia, or hybrid.

They may be too young to identify, but if any of you experts can give me
a better idea of what I have, I would appreciate any info that I can get.



That's a D. intermedia my friend.
Good IDing.
Nice D. intermedia! Grow them wet, they appreciate almost standing in water. This species is a North American temperate (unless it is a tropical var. which is possible too) and will require a winter dormancy if it forms hibernacula. If it doesn't it is likely a tropical variety and needs no dormancy. Great rescue!
Thank you Tamlin and NG. I was hoping that is would be a D. intermedia and fortunately, I followed my instinct and have been keeping them wet.
What I didn't mention about them is that they are growing in a martini glass 5" in diameter. I really don't want to bother them, but can I presume that I will soon have to separate or thin them? If I leave them as is, I expect that I will end up with a tangled mass of sundews. Then on the other hand, I looked at a picture on the web of some of them growing on a floating log, and they appeared to be just that; a tangled mass of sundews.
I have become really fond of these little guys doing everything to insure their survival.
Your info is appreciated.


They will probably be fine in the glass, these plants don't have very extensive root systems, they lose their roots when they go winter dormant. I have seen these growing en masse as a huge carpet in habitat, so crowding won't be an issue. I prefer the clumped look!